WCF: Of God’s Covenant with Man (VII.2)

“The first covenant made with man was a covenant of works, wherein life was promised to Adam, and in him to his posterity, upon condition of perfect and personal obedience” (VII.2).

The WCF tenet is that if Adam doesn’t disobey, then he merits eternal life for his people. But if Adam merits eternal life for his people, then it follows that Christ does not. Thus, the Westminster devils just vitiated the atonement by means of this cockamamy conjecture. It is far from logical to vainly speculate about the merit a hypothetical or theoretical, obedient Adam. For if Adam obeys, there is no Fall. And if there is no Fall, there is no Atonement, and if there is no atonement there is no gospel. Obedient Adam=No Fall. No Fall=Vitiated Atonement. Vitiated Atonement=No Gospel. Thus: Obedient Adam=No gospel.

For if Adam had indeed fulfilled the law, then he would have usurped the throne of Christ, and his people would apparently be thanking God for enabling creature man to steal Christ’s redemptive glory. This is the worship of man, plain and simple. It is antichristian blasphemy to assert the possibility of a mere creature obtaining the SAME GLORY as Jesus Christ. This cheapens and profanes the absolute uniqueness and exclusivity of the work of Jesus Christ for His people. The everlasting- righteousness-establishing, eternal-life-demanding, work of Jesus Christ on behalf of His people is met with the Christ-dishonoring, creature-exalting response:

“Yeah. Well, Adam had the power to accomplish the same thing as Christ APART from suffering for the sins of his people.”

It is statements like this that make me think, no wonder many adherents of the WCF find it so mysteriously perplexing how Adam fell. One truly does wonder if comments to this effect do not reflect a secret desire that Adam had passed the supposed “probationary period” and had thus robbed Christ of His glory by receiving glory for saving his people from a hypothetical fall. Those who attribute to the creature (i.e., Adam) qualities of character that belong to Christ ALONE, have not in mind the glory of God, but the glory of men.